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Dallas Penn

This the big homie right here!  If your not familiar with his work, your definitely not one of the “internets”.  This is the guy that put me down with rap artists like Roc Marciano” and “Action Bronson”  This is guy that reminds you how ill the construction tims are (gotta get another pair, its been to long).  And more importantly he’s the guy that helped show us how to make a “ghetto big-mac”  Anyway the thing that blow my lid was his 7-11 video.  I was just there getting a slurpee like a month ago while i was in Baltimore and I didn’t even notice prices, I wanted the Thor cup it came in.  But after watching this video I do remember something fishy happened about the cup being free or something when i purchased it but I didn’t push any buttons because, like in his video, the guy didn’t speak english well and I didn’t understand him.  BUT, I will have all my senses ready if I choose to return to that chain.  Good looks on the lookout, the man comes in all types of ways.


Tyler The Creator

Here is another example of an artist I fucks wit, before listening to any of his music.  The interview below is fucking amazing. (excuse my french, but he uses the word a lot, and its rubbing off)  I don’t know what to say, God bless America! Rock N Roll forever! Or something like that.  Anyway some more music to make sure wife doesn’t catch me listening to, nice!

Update: Just listened to a few tracks of his and I need the album! Just like I thought!

Check out his interview, some good shit in there. He makes some very valid comments about how the public views Movies vs. Music, pleasing yourself, being yourself, selling-out, racism and freedom of speech.  I left below a couple videos.  You know you can’t go wrong, when u perform with a mask on! (and with a Zombie on stage!)


I’ve been following this guy through these videos for a few years now.  He was definitely the “stand-out” star of the crew, Derrick Comedy.  Check his resume if you actually don’t know who I’m talking about, or u can shoot yourself in the head.  And check out Mystery Team too, it can be streamed  on Netflix.

Oh and my wife said he’s Danny Glover’s son, that’s cool too.

His performance is crazy, I’m really surprised no one has “sampled” him yet.   And by the way who said hip hop was dead?  Or is that an out-dated topic?  I know I know, I’m getting old.  Anyway I fucks wit him heavy.  He got a few albums out, gotta get em and add em to the car ipod. (now if I can only get a car)  But honestly can’t u hear this playing in a Jetta or Scion car commercial?

Lil B the Based God

I’ll be honest and say what many others have said a million times, I can’t stand this guy’s music, in fact I hate it!!!

But this guy’s personality keeps me in stitches.  Sort of like how I like 50 Cent talking shit way way more than I like listening to him rap.  Same with Lil B.   The stuff that comes out of his mouth is nostop comedy.

I decided to post the “Cooking Dance, how-to”  I’m cooking it up right now.  Never learned the whole “Superman” dance but this one is way easier.

Again I hate the music, but the shit he talks about is pure genius comedy.

They go a little homo, in the bathroom.  I mean really?  I got my stuff out and you want to shoot a video? Fuck it, cook that shit.

I don’t know what went wrong, but I put the wrong chemicals in my body over the weekend.  Maybe it was the molasses and apples I had, or maybe the starbucks coffee I had, or maybe it was the pizza, or maybe it was the vodka that I washed it all down with, who knows, but I do know I didn’t wake up today by my alarm but by the smell that was under the sheets.

I tried hiding my face from the sun shinning in the room and was met with the smell under the sheets.  First I though one of the cats had died two days ago or something, but they were good and looking at me like I did something wrong, sorry guys.

Anyway That’s how I got up today, with the smell of my ass, nothing like Mondays.

Nowadays everyone with a $300 Best Buy camera thinks they are filmmakers.  I love storytelling and I know its easier than ever now to make videos and I love B-movies but I hate most of the “run-and-gun”, no-budget, “look mom I used crazy unnecessary graphics with i-movie” videos that flood YouTube.

But every now and again I do see low-budget videos that depend more on technique than budget/equipment access and this is one of them.

Pretty cool short if I say so myself.

FYI: I love cops but hate people in power who take advantage of those without.

When I was young my Dad had me playing these songs on our guitar and singing along.

When his brothers came over, the cigs went in the air, the liquior was poured, the jokes were shared and then the singing and playing started.

This is where my music appreciation started and to this day the only songs I know how to play is from this era.  My love for MCing is here.  My love for James Brown, is here.

I was just saying….thanks Dad. (And thanks Mom for allowing the Jackson boys to get a little crazy.)

I love sneakers like the next man, but I like “men toys” way to much to be a sneaker-head.  Yet every now and then I wish I was.  Has anyone seen the Questlove Nike Dunks?  There are a few that were released last week but I believe I like these.  I just couldn’t wear them, I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for one of those hypster soho/bk types.

I’ve heard the play was amazing and now he’s back on HBO in March.  Makes me wanna have a movie party for this one, you down baby?

Bonus: Joeski Love “Pee Wee’s Dance”