Where did all that money go that we wasted in the 90’s?  I mean this title would have definitely been a straight-to-dvd  release in 2011.  Eddie Murphy was doing his thing, everyone loves Harlem Nights, Coming to America, 48hrs, etc, but Vampire in Brooklyn is such a sleeper.  I mean look at the cast for one, besides Eddie, there’s “Mr. Bang Bang”, John Witherspoon, Angela Bassett and it was directed by legendary Wes Craven.

It sets up as a typical horror but than Eddie flies with his characters and it quickly goes funny as hell.  Every few years I have to school an Eddie Murphy fan to this joint.  And it works every time.

FYI: I fucks wit “Haunted Mansion” too.

go ahead, say something.  I dare you.

Vampire in Brooklyn Movie Trailer

“Evil is Good” Clip

“Guido” Clip


Had to work a double last night, got in around 2am and boy was I tired.  But you know how it is when you get home, no matter how tired you are you gotta have that unwinding time, so I turned on the idiot box hoping to find that perfect movie I can fall asleep to. (Dont’ act like you’ve never looked for a movie to fall asleep to.)  For me, it has to be a movie I’m familiar with, something I’ve watched  a few times, cause again, I’m trying to get some sleep.  But things don’t always work out the way you want them to.  I found “Attach of the 50 foot Woman” and thought I’d be snoozing by the beginning of 2nd act, but instead it kept me up and I found myself eating junk food with my eyes glued to the screen.

Now I have seen this movie before it pulled me in and fast!  I found alot of pleasure watching out-dated movies,  especially the ones that don’t hold up well over time, and this is one of them.  Yes the graphics were really bad (even for a 50’s movie at times), but the the story was very entertaining.  They did so well with the set-up and use of cut-aways that once they actually showed the bad graphics it worked well (kinda.)

Pretty much its the story of a troubled, wealthy woman who breaks down after her cheating husband and the town brush her “UFO” siting off as another one of her silly stories.  Nothing like a woman scorned, gotta love story morals!   I’ll leave the original and remake trailers below (don’t get me started on early 90’s graphics.)  Gotta watch  the remake now.  Man, the hard work never ends, but someone’s gotta do it, so it might as well be me.

THIS MOVIE IS THE SHIT!!!!  Yes, yes, yes, I know…..”House Party” is the best movie from Kid N Play (and one of the best hip-hop movies!)  But Class Act if the most slept on!  I’m telling you i know all the words, I’ve had “Class Act” parties and still quote this movie at least once a week. (okay, maybe not that often)  Anyway if you watch this movie and don’t enjoy how silly it is, than punch yourself in the face!

The original is far better then the remake that came out last year, of course.  Even though I didn’t get a chance to watch this in an appropriate atmosphere, I really enjoyed watching this one. (started watching this one as my wife got her nails done. and finished in the airport.)  The opening scene sucks you in pretty good and holds you until the end of the film I stayed on the edge of my airport seat.  But again it is a movie that came from the same guy who made “Night of the Living Dead.”  Don’t get me wrong the remake had some cool parts in it, but it misses the heart of the first one, and the ending has been altered which also makes it suck more than the original.  If nothing else, watch em both back to back, but if you have to choose one, please make it the original.

Now I thought I was a bit familiar with the blaxplotation films of the 70’s.  But that’s life right? As soon as you think you have something figured out,your proven that you never knew anything in the first place. (That’s why I liked science and math when i was younger, there can only be one answer.)  Well I’d have to say I hadn’t seen this movie before but I’m gonna go ahead and say check it out!  Its funny I heard a few lines from this movie from a hip hop record and decided to see if I could find out where it was from and its from “Five On the Black Hand Side”.

This IS the reason why I like hip hop, its use of recycling is amazing.   Its a true talent and I respect all those who go “diggin in the crates”.   While everyone knows the movies like Shaft and Superfly, many, like myself, aren’t familiar with the many films made in that time with strong political themes.  That’s why I enjoy the roaring 20’s, the 60/70’s and the early 90’s.  It was a time where black people were really searching for themselves.  It was a time of fun but also a time of awareness for self.  Never stop fighting the Man! (whoever he/she/they are.)

Quote from movie:

	"Who I sleep with is my own personal business"
"Nah, man, no, who you sleep with
The first face you see in the mornin
Is very, significant, man, that's where you get your energy from
It's your mirror, can you dig it?"
                     -Five on the Black Hand Side

Let me start by saying this craziness surprised me and I actually had a good time watching this movie.  Crazy right?  Now like all the Blackploitation films that came out around this time your interest usually starts as a black person wanting to watch  films with black people.  But unless you like rooting for the bad-guy, most of these movies “protagonists” are pimps, drug dealers, gangsters,  or some combination(see The Mack, Superfly, or Dolemite).  Or the story is one of those “coming-of-age” types where the protagonist survives only after seeing all his friends and family die. (see The Education of Sonny Carlson)

But “Scream Blacula Scream” is different.  For one, the black community of the film is portrayed in a positive, elite type of light.  They speak very confident and cool, but not the “What u talking  bout, sucka?” cool of most urban stereotypes but like a 007 cool.  The protagonists of the film are having a going away party.  Who is the going away party for?  Its for the host’s private African antiques collection that the has donated to the museum, cool, right?

Now don’t get me carried away, it is a “horror” film so they DID use the “Voodoo” angle to tell of how Blacula was resurrected  but we do get to see the “softer side” of Blacula.  For one, while he was resurrected to commit revenge on the character played by Pam Grier,the spin is (SPOILER ALERT!!)  Blacula doesn’t want to be a creature that walks the night.  He understands the curse and wants the help of Pam Grier’s character to use her Voodoo powers to remove the curse.  Now that’s kinda cool too, right?  Plus while he does attack “good guys”  There is a pretty good scene where he “bites the bad guys”(pimps) for “enslaving their sisters” (prostitutes), Now this one scene surprised me, I didn’t think i would see this type of “plight” in a black/horror from 1972.  Oh and let’s not forget the cop who is white and has a relationship with on of the members of the the Voodoo community to figure out who has been doing the killing in town.  And their relationship is that of partners, not the “crooked cop” and “rat” relationships that we’re far to familiar with.

Anyway again it WAS a “bad movie” from the 70’s but it wasn’t nowhere as bad as I expected.  It was just as bad as other “bad movies” but not worst.  Now this is the sequel we are taking about and I hadn’t watched “Blacula” but I’m a bit interested now….well a little bit anyway.

This IS the reason why I gave up on filmmaking.