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If anyone wants to watch this this summer with me your more than welcome.


No Mortal Kombat: Legacy is not a new TV Show, but it is a web digital series that will be premiering tomorrow on YouTube.

NOTE: The series was based on trailer that was released last year and created quite a bit of buzz online. We have added that trailer to the end of the post and it is a must watch.

“Ip man” was one of the illest martial arts film to come out in a while, the second one finally comes out on with its US release in April.  I hear its not as good as the first, but I’m sure its still amazing.  Maybe I should have a movie party for this one too, the lady’s gonna kill me!

Two-Disc Collector’s Edition Blu-ray April 19th

My wife and cousin always laughs at me cause I don’t own scary horror movies.  How can I when movies like this keep coming my way?  Feeling pretty exclusive finding this title considering I can’t find it cheaper than $20 on-line.

But this is the ultimate “I’m broke and its Saturday so I’m gonna stay home and watch a movie” type movie.  Plus you can’t go wrong with a middle age, overweight, man/boy hero.

Movie Trailer: Super

Another stupid superhero movie……..yes!!!!!!!!

Yes I enjoyed “Hellboy”, enjoyed “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, enjoyed “Monster Squard” and it looks like I’ll enjoy this one too.

Now I don’t like going to the movies anymore.  Its all about the home theatre system.  But I’ll go to the IMAX, maybe.  But this summer it might be hard not to go,  I love how blockbuster summertime movies has turned into superhero summer movies, or something like that, either way I love it!

I’m a sucker when it comes to these “big-budget-all-green-screen” movies.  Can’t wait to add this one to the shelf of forgotten DVDs.  I guess this won’t be available on blu-ray until mid summer, so I’m waiting.  (I don’t do the go to the theatre thing anymore.)

Can’t wait until this is released on DVD, there will be good times in front of the idiot box.