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Sumer-time is here, (Whatever)  I’m not one those people who let’s the weather effect their mood.  Plus I’m happily married so the eye candy/ jump-off season ain’t shit to me either.   In fact nothing beats being at home with a good movie if you ask me, so I don’t give a damn what the weather is outside.  (Call me boring, I don’t really care.)

If you ask me this is my type of summer music.  The type of shit you can just ride out to, get lost somewhere and not care.  I know I’m an old fart but fuck it, this shit rocks.  Happy summer to you all (Bah, hum-bug)


I’ve been busy so I had to neglect this blog for a bit, I’m trying to slowly get back into it.  My posts will soon be back I promise.  But has you wait for my great return please find this and love it!  It sounds really good.  I mean really good.

“I got a funky funky rhyme with a funky style”

This is the worst time of the year to look for new music but the best time to play catch up.  Once the holidays pass so do new music releases.  I mean I know new music is being released but come on, there is nothing like summer money and x-mas money.

So when this season comes around I play catch up, and while I’m familiar with this album, its been a while, and tis the season.

Their previous album rocks too but has a bit to much singing, this is the one where the perfected their style.   I’ve actually put both albums on the ipod this week but this is the one.

And don’t act like this shit don’t rock, many of you may not know these guys by face but they had crazy singles from this album.

So I’ve put it on my ipod and rock to it as I elbow annoying times square tourist who like taking pictures of…big pictures.

This is my shit, been bumping it all fucking week on repeat as I share the late night subway with drunks and smelly homeless men.

Talk about ride out music.  This is for the American Muscle cars.  If you have a foreign car please do not play this in it, your car will die.

So I fucks with this dude Stalley, I’ve been keeping an eye on him since I heard him on “Address” (look it up).  He says its “Blue Collar” music, I’d say “truck music”.

Speaking of which,   I gotta get my bread up and get that 67 Mustang I’ve always wanted.  I know, I know, Mustang’s aren’t exactly muscle cars, they’re pony cars.  But I could get away with a 70 Mustang to ride out to this though (hint for someone).

Anyway I listen to this as I (hip) hop (lol) subway trains and walk through Times Square thinking I’m in some good ol American Muscle with a big-ass speaker in the trunk.

Got a road trip this weekend with the wife, hitting up DC, Baltimore and Philly in two days, should be an adventure.   At least it looks like the snow is behind us now and I’m ready to drop the top, to bad I don’t have a top to drop but if i did, I’d throw on Too Short’s “Shorty The Pimp” from 1992.

The hip hop I usually lean toward is that East Coast “boom bat”.  Not to say that I don’t listen to West Coast stuff, I’m a big fan of MC Eiht, NWA, E-40, of course I had most of the Deathrow releases, and the pre-Deathrow 2pac is the best stuff he’d ever made.   There’s more artists from the West that I also listen but I’ve never heard Too Short’s Shorty The Pimp” album until this week, and I’m kinda mad at myself for that, cause this shit rocks!

Anyway this weekend when the lady and I are going up and down 95, when its my time to drive, I may have to roll down the windows, turn the bass up and slip this album on.  Or maybe just have it on low but think its loud while she reads off her Nook, we’ll see.