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Its always the wrong time to quit in my house.  Anyway I have no one to share my emotional breakdown with, these changes I am going through is crazy.  I have to find new ways to enjoy what I’ve always enjoyed while under the influence.  I think this is the reason why I did it so much cause life’s a bitch and then you die.  Don’t get me wrong you should embrace change and this change is a long over-due one but why is life so slow now?  Its so slow, I’ve been listening to R&B music today and not hip-hop, well some hip hop but u get it.  Cause u know u can’t rock n roll with out sex or drugs.

I remember when I was a teenager I’d tell my grandmother I was always bored She’d say “Clean your room” or something like that, and I’d say “That’s boring”.  I’ve had teachers tell me that boring people get bored too.  Maybe its the artist in me that just doesn’t get this world that we live in.  But it is time to quit, and I won’t turn back, and I’m told it gets better, I sure hope it does.  If not, I’ve had more than enough fun and its time to “grow up.”


Okay so I gotta stop smoking cigarettes again.  I stopped for a month back in the fall cold turkey.  I didn’t think it was to bad but my wife said I was just an angry toad and she left me for the weekend to hang out with her homegirl.  She NEVER goes out without me so I know I must have been a grumpy poop head in order for her to leave, even though I didn’t think I was.  Anyway believe it or not it was going okay but do you know what I had for breakfast instead of my cig routine?  Mc Donald’s breakfast!  The number 3 with a a large orange juice, an extra sandwich and strawberry jelly to be exact.

I love breakfast food, I’d eat it all day, three meals a day if I could.  But I don’t like the breakfast sandwiches that you can find at your local deli.  Pancakes are at the top of my list of breakfast foods but I work with computers and am expected to eat at my desk (in case the world stops, so I can immediately restart it), so anything eaten with a fork and knife won’t work, but guess what does?  Mc Donald’s breakfast!  The number 3 with a a large orange juice, an extra sandwich and strawberry jelly to be exact.

So now I have a new problem that is just as worst as the first, Mc Donald’s breakfast everyday, and I don’t want anything else.  So anyway, I’ve been off the wagon since November and with the pressure of my family its time to stop again.  The only problem is guess what I’ll be back to eating?  Mc Donald’s breakfast!  The number 3 with a a large orange juice, an extra sandwich and strawberry jelly to be exact!



NO MORE E&J FOR ME!!! LAST NIGHT WAS MY LAST!  This stuff is really no good.  I thought I was a big boy and moved on from the “my first drink” or bottom shelf liquor.   I walked around with my head up and noise all in the air.  “No”Steel Reserve for me”.  “No Sisco please”.   “Four Loko? Get the f*ck outta here!”  But once in a while I fall for the E&J.   I call myself trying to get home as soon as possible.  So instead of going to the local liquor store where my Christian Brothers will be waiting for me I decided to stop by the liquor store that kept me in route.  Well, well, well, what a bad move.  I know it wasn’t that long ago when you could find me kill a whole pint and be ready for the next shot.  But now that I’ve gotten myself of this crack, whenever i stupidly (is that a real word?) pick it up out of laziness I always pay for it.  That stuff comes up and ruff as it goes down.  It really makes you feel like you are drinking old dirty gasoline from that dirty gas station in the middle of nowhere that you find whenever your lost.  I know why I drank it so much, cause its cheap as f*ck!  But you know you got what you pay for and each time i pay for it.  So no more of the crack juice for me.  IF YOU DRINK THIS YOU WILL WAKE UP DEAD!