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Yes I enjoyed “Hellboy”, enjoyed “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, enjoyed “Monster Squard” and it looks like I’ll enjoy this one too.

Well as they say, another one bites the dust.  Milestone Comics creator and noted comic book and animation writer Dwayne McDuffie has died at 49.   I remember buying these DC/Milestone comics in the 90’s  It was so crazy it was like 6 black comicbook superheroes, each with their own series.  I collected most of them and didn’t even open them, they came wrapped and I kept them wrapped.

What I didn’t know is after he started the black owned and operated Milestone Comics he started writing and producing Justice League Unlimited and writing for  Ben 10 and What’s New, Scooby-Doo?  His final animation script-writing piece was “All Star Superman which was released the day after his death.

As a bonus I added a video clip below of an interview he had and its fucking awesome, damn talk about the things that go through your head as a black man in the “industry”.  Its really lonely and its like being a Highlander, there can only be one.


This is one of the many reasons to remind me that I’ve been around the block quite a few times.  Now I’m not gonna say I’m getting old, that’s ridiculous, but I will say I’m getting around a bit on the crazy place called earth.

I’ve now of the age when I can go, “Oh shit, I forgot about that”  or “Hey you remember this?”  All I know is give it another 20 years and I bet the young ones will look at you funny if you try and explain what a magazine is.  I’m sure it won’t be to long until some kid says  “They used to print on paper?, That’s crazy!”  But it is.   I can except that things like comic-books are now considered a novelty but damn, magazines are a novelty too?  I guess so.  With companies like Borders going bankrupt its only gonna be a matter of time until it’s foreign to use paper and ink.  I mean the use of the internet has put a quick end to the what we knew as the music industry as well as the publishing field.  I remember skipping school to get the “Wu-Tang Forever” and “Life After Death” cds.  And I’m sure that sounds like a young guy thing considering there are older people who actually remember record shops.

Anyway I’ve been looking for all types of magazines to read as I’m in the bathroom and noticed that all the ones I’m interested in have been out of print for quite some time, so I just wanted to say RIP i will miss you all and taking a dump won’t be the same again.  I guess its time to put that flat-screen up in the bathroom.


Oh and of course I’m not talking about all magazines, just the bathroom material stuff like the titles below.

The Amazing Concrete4life

I love my wife, she gives me super powers in a world of war.

	"Who I sleep with is my own personal business"
"Nah, man, no, who you sleep with
The first face you see in the mornin
Is very, significant, man, that's where you get your energy from
It's your mirror, can you dig it?"
                        -Five on the Black Hand Side"

Dropping the Kids off at the Pool

This my favorite thing to read as I….”drop the kids off”.  I’ve never been a “reader” but it gets pretty lonely while sitting on the throne and i haven’t installed flat-screens in the “office” yet so until then, what am I gonna do?

As a child I remember the stack of Jet magazines sitting against the wall, in perfect reach, right by the TP.  When I was a teen it was the Source and Wizard magazines.  But as the magazine business began to suffer so did the quality of them (remember that whole Benzino/Source/lil Kim 5mic/Eminem thing? )

Over the last couple years I’ve slowly been picking up what my wife likes calling “Smut”, which is all the goodness of gossip magazines like US Weekly, and Star.  Now while they have had their highlights like finding out that 50 cent and Chelsea Hander are dating or finding out that Teresa Giudice of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” was filing bankruptcy or finding out which celebrities wore the same dress and who rocked it better, something is missing.  Its Twisted Toyfare!

One of my “Geek boy” rituals is going to Com-icon and making sure I leave with something (last year it was a collection of ninja swords).  So this is where I came across the best magazine since Cracked and Mad.  With a mixture of action figures, comic story-boarding and mature humor you’ll find yourself like me, sitting with two leggs that fell asleep because you just had to keep reading.  Well I had finished reading the ones I had and decided to head on to eBay and buy half the collection.  I can’t wait until they come in, I will be “dropping kids off” immediately!  Below is some samples i found, I’d advise that you go out and pick up one of these.  I’ll be reading volume two while taking a number 2.

Does anyone know how hard it is to find a Halloween costume? I mean, a good one! I’ve always had/enjoyed an exaggerated imagination. Weather it was comic books growing up, rap music as a teen, or bad summertime blockbusters as a young adult, I always enjoyed a a good superhero. But the problem I have each year is what the f*ck am i gonna dress up as?

Now its wack to dress up as the “black Batman” or the “black Superman” So what’s left? Not much if you ask me. I have such a problem each year that it is February and I’ve started brain-storming for an event that doesnt come for another 7 months.

Now I’ve been thinking that since, comic books and rap music is pretty much the same thing, maybe I should try dressing up as one of my favorite rappers.

So….am I on a good track or should I be thinking about hanging it up and leaving the halloween costumes to the young ones? Anybody have any ideas of what i should do? Or at least a character that would be cool to dress up as without getting all night “So,who u suppose to be?”