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Random Axe

This is a super-group that I’ve been waiting for since the first track they let go over a year ago.  Might have to dust off itunes card and get this one.  Video is pretty slick-ass too.  U decide and tell me if I’m wrong.


Just cause.

For those who want to practice.

Nate Dogg Dies at 41

Funny Story:  My uncles are known for their ol school songs, of course.  One day we visited my Uncle and he had to play my father this song he thought was so bad-ass!  Its was regulators!  He played it for my folks, as my sister and I sang along.

Then he put it on again and the old folks started dancing , and made my sister and I dance together to the song too.

RIP: Nate Dogg

RIP: Uncle Joe

COMPACT DISCS DO NOT SELL ANYMORE!!!!!  The world-wide-web has completely ruined that business.  For all of you out there who “steal” music I feel like it’s similiar to the days when one guy out the crew bought the cd and the other 6 guys made tape dubs.  Anyway, now that everyone in the world is your friend now of course the music business as we know it must die, and be resurrected (like a Common Sense single).

Over the last, I don’t know, maybe 8 years or so we’ve seen a few new ideas being executed since the rise of the web/fall of the music business.  First it was the new 360 deals, (where now they take your concert money since they can’t take your money from sales.)  I love how Kanye’s last album came with a short film, that was cool as shit!  I believe Snoop has also done this a few years back.  I also enjoy the “limited-editon packs” that also provide you with the record, and posters to go with the cd (more is better).

But this is some insane, future thinking, way out-the-box thinking.  So stop thinking about selling cds. Sell something worth something, and give the cd for free.  Just check the video out, it will blow your mind!!!!!

And just say no to drugs,heal the world, or something positive like that.

50 Cent

Anyone heard the songs 50 has been releasing since his headphones were announced?  Sounds like he has his vest back on. (And that’s good!)  Maybe G-unit will be taking the summer over, Banks had a decent album and Tony Yayo has been coming with some heat lately too.  Might be a fun summer this year after all.

The Doppelgangaz

I”ve downloaded their album, I fucks wit it heavy too.  its real dirty and raw hip hop.  Think Das Efx or Cella Dwellas.  Plus I read that they do their shows with capes on holding candles, anyone wearing a cape on stage is cool in my book.  Anyway they rock hard (pause) only problem is I have no idea what they are talking about, I just can’t figure it out.  I read their bio but it didn’t help, I left it below.

The Doppelgangaz Bio

From parts unknown dwell the ghastly duo. Matter ov Fact & EP are noted to be the last two descendants of the Rap Lords, summoned to the earth for purposes of wreaking havoc. Doing so with raw word connection over warm, gritty soundscapes, the groggy pack have been spotted smoking microphone devices in the New York Metropolitan area. No word has been said to confirm their whereabouts, but eye witnessed accounts of the short man and height man (with no hype man) sharking, frequenting brothels and boisterously blaring their art from random locations have been documented. Some say they are adorned in black cloaks as others have sworn they recognized the two donning the clothes of civilians. Regardless, The Doppelgangaz prefer anonymity alongside the creation of raw substance.

Got a road trip this weekend with the wife, hitting up DC, Baltimore and Philly in two days, should be an adventure.   At least it looks like the snow is behind us now and I’m ready to drop the top, to bad I don’t have a top to drop but if i did, I’d throw on Too Short’s “Shorty The Pimp” from 1992.

The hip hop I usually lean toward is that East Coast “boom bat”.  Not to say that I don’t listen to West Coast stuff, I’m a big fan of MC Eiht, NWA, E-40, of course I had most of the Deathrow releases, and the pre-Deathrow 2pac is the best stuff he’d ever made.   There’s more artists from the West that I also listen but I’ve never heard Too Short’s Shorty The Pimp” album until this week, and I’m kinda mad at myself for that, cause this shit rocks!

Anyway this weekend when the lady and I are going up and down 95, when its my time to drive, I may have to roll down the windows, turn the bass up and slip this album on.  Or maybe just have it on low but think its loud while she reads off her Nook, we’ll see.

I’m glad I don’t have a following because the comments would be going crazy right now. Why? Because I’m the last dude on the planet to get put on to Danny Brown and Roc Marciano.

These guys albums are crazy! I hadn’t felt this hyped up about rap music since the MF DOOM craze a while back. I mean seriously, this shit got me doing push ups and sit ups! I’m talking screw-face shit, you know that Onyx or MOP shit.

This stuff reminds me of a time when your rap tapes were a secret and you would only listen with headphones. The stuff you made sure your mom didn’t hear (now my wife).  Anyway I know I’m late with these guys and i wrote this blog just to apologize to the hip-hop community.

Hip Hop, I know I’ve been talking real greezy the last couple years about how I’m growing out of you, and I’m sorry.

<p><a href=”″>Roc Marciano: Marcberg In-store</a> from <a href=”″>dallas penn</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I’m Outstanding!

Man do i miss the 90’s. The economy was so good (from what i hear, i was a teen aka no bills.) But wow the money really was going around, i can agree to that. The economy was so good that Gangstarr got their first gold plaque, Hype Williams was directing everyone’s music videos. Hip hop had those 10 years on lock!

Plus Shaq had not only a great song (see above) but also had a great sophmore album, “Can’t Stop the Reign”. Yes I do know that it’s Shaq we are talking about but name another artist that had worked with Biggie, Rakim, Rza, Eric Serman, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z and the great Bobby Brown. I bet you can’t. I’m not saying he was a great rapper but he was okay, and the beats and features were crazy! And while you won’t catch me listening to the first album (with was mostly produced by Eric Serman) you will catch me listing to the second album every now and than. Go 90’s! Plus have they even come out with any new sneakers since the 90’s? All the kids nowadays are wearing the shoes that i wore 15 years ago, go retro!

Man, I miss MTV raps and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. That dude was such a wreck but damn, his flow….well there was no father to his style. You see how he just zoned out?  I couldn’t even catch all of what he was saying but he’s rocking that shit.   That happy juice is crazy!  I’ve definitely had a few evenings when it had me feeling like superman but I always end up feeling like Christopher Reeves.  Don’t believe the hype……..  Just witness it.