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Dallas Penn

This the big homie right here!  If your not familiar with his work, your definitely not one of the “internets”.  This is the guy that put me down with rap artists like Roc Marciano” and “Action Bronson”  This is guy that reminds you how ill the construction tims are (gotta get another pair, its been to long).  And more importantly he’s the guy that helped show us how to make a “ghetto big-mac”  Anyway the thing that blow my lid was his 7-11 video.  I was just there getting a slurpee like a month ago while i was in Baltimore and I didn’t even notice prices, I wanted the Thor cup it came in.  But after watching this video I do remember something fishy happened about the cup being free or something when i purchased it but I didn’t push any buttons because, like in his video, the guy didn’t speak english well and I didn’t understand him.  BUT, I will have all my senses ready if I choose to return to that chain.  Good looks on the lookout, the man comes in all types of ways.


This is a super-group that I’ve been waiting for since the first track they let go over a year ago.  Might have to dust off itunes card and get this one.  Video is pretty slick-ass too.  U decide and tell me if I’m wrong.

I’ve been busy so I had to neglect this blog for a bit, I’m trying to slowly get back into it.  My posts will soon be back I promise.  But has you wait for my great return please find this and love it!  It sounds really good.  I mean really good.

If anyone wants to watch this this summer with me your more than welcome.