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No Mortal Kombat: Legacy is not a new TV Show, but it is a web digital series that will be premiering tomorrow on YouTube.

NOTE: The series was based on trailer that was released last year and created quite a bit of buzz online. We have added that trailer to the end of the post and it is a must watch.


I thought I was black but I actually don’t have any of the mentioned criteria.

Tyler The Creator

Here is another example of an artist I fucks wit, before listening to any of his music.  The interview below is fucking amazing. (excuse my french, but he uses the word a lot, and its rubbing off)  I don’t know what to say, God bless America! Rock N Roll forever! Or something like that.  Anyway some more music to make sure wife doesn’t catch me listening to, nice!

Update: Just listened to a few tracks of his and I need the album! Just like I thought!

Check out his interview, some good shit in there. He makes some very valid comments about how the public views Movies vs. Music, pleasing yourself, being yourself, selling-out, racism and freedom of speech.  I left below a couple videos.  You know you can’t go wrong, when u perform with a mask on! (and with a Zombie on stage!)

The trailer makes it sound like her troubles stopped when she got pregnant.  Good thing there is a lecture after the film, I want to know more about where babies come from.

“Ip man” was one of the illest martial arts film to come out in a while, the second one finally comes out on with its US release in April.  I hear its not as good as the first, but I’m sure its still amazing.  Maybe I should have a movie party for this one too, the lady’s gonna kill me!

Two-Disc Collector’s Edition Blu-ray April 19th