Where did all that money go that we wasted in the 90’s?  I mean this title would have definitely been a straight-to-dvd  release in 2011.  Eddie Murphy was doing his thing, everyone loves Harlem Nights, Coming to America, 48hrs, etc, but Vampire in Brooklyn is such a sleeper.  I mean look at the cast for one, besides Eddie, there’s “Mr. Bang Bang”, John Witherspoon, Angela Bassett and it was directed by legendary Wes Craven.

It sets up as a typical horror but than Eddie flies with his characters and it quickly goes funny as hell.  Every few years I have to school an Eddie Murphy fan to this joint.  And it works every time.

FYI: I fucks wit “Haunted Mansion” too.

go ahead, say something.  I dare you.

Vampire in Brooklyn Movie Trailer

“Evil is Good” Clip

“Guido” Clip