COMPACT DISCS DO NOT SELL ANYMORE!!!!!  The world-wide-web has completely ruined that business.  For all of you out there who “steal” music I feel like it’s similiar to the days when one guy out the crew bought the cd and the other 6 guys made tape dubs.  Anyway, now that everyone in the world is your friend now of course the music business as we know it must die, and be resurrected (like a Common Sense single).

Over the last, I don’t know, maybe 8 years or so we’ve seen a few new ideas being executed since the rise of the web/fall of the music business.  First it was the new 360 deals, (where now they take your concert money since they can’t take your money from sales.)  I love how Kanye’s last album came with a short film, that was cool as shit!  I believe Snoop has also done this a few years back.  I also enjoy the “limited-editon packs” that also provide you with the record, and posters to go with the cd (more is better).

But this is some insane, future thinking, way out-the-box thinking.  So stop thinking about selling cds. Sell something worth something, and give the cd for free.  Just check the video out, it will blow your mind!!!!!

And just say no to drugs,heal the world, or something positive like that.