Talk about ride out music.  This is for the American Muscle cars.  If you have a foreign car please do not play this in it, your car will die.

So I fucks with this dude Stalley, I’ve been keeping an eye on him since I heard him on “Address” (look it up).  He says its “Blue Collar” music, I’d say “truck music”.

Speaking of which,   I gotta get my bread up and get that 67 Mustang I’ve always wanted.  I know, I know, Mustang’s aren’t exactly muscle cars, they’re pony cars.  But I could get away with a 70 Mustang to ride out to this though (hint for someone).

Anyway I listen to this as I (hip) hop (lol) subway trains and walk through Times Square thinking I’m in some good ol American Muscle with a big-ass speaker in the trunk.