This is one of the many reasons to remind me that I’ve been around the block quite a few times.  Now I’m not gonna say I’m getting old, that’s ridiculous, but I will say I’m getting around a bit on the crazy place called earth.

I’ve now of the age when I can go, “Oh shit, I forgot about that”  or “Hey you remember this?”  All I know is give it another 20 years and I bet the young ones will look at you funny if you try and explain what a magazine is.  I’m sure it won’t be to long until some kid says  “They used to print on paper?, That’s crazy!”  But it is.   I can except that things like comic-books are now considered a novelty but damn, magazines are a novelty too?  I guess so.  With companies like Borders going bankrupt its only gonna be a matter of time until it’s foreign to use paper and ink.  I mean the use of the internet has put a quick end to the what we knew as the music industry as well as the publishing field.  I remember skipping school to get the “Wu-Tang Forever” and “Life After Death” cds.  And I’m sure that sounds like a young guy thing considering there are older people who actually remember record shops.

Anyway I’ve been looking for all types of magazines to read as I’m in the bathroom and noticed that all the ones I’m interested in have been out of print for quite some time, so I just wanted to say RIP i will miss you all and taking a dump won’t be the same again.  I guess its time to put that flat-screen up in the bathroom.


Oh and of course I’m not talking about all magazines, just the bathroom material stuff like the titles below.