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“I got a funky funky rhyme with a funky style”

This is the worst time of the year to look for new music but the best time to play catch up.  Once the holidays pass so do new music releases.  I mean I know new music is being released but come on, there is nothing like summer money and x-mas money.

So when this season comes around I play catch up, and while I’m familiar with this album, its been a while, and tis the season.

Their previous album rocks too but has a bit to much singing, this is the one where the perfected their style.   I’ve actually put both albums on the ipod this week but this is the one.

And don’t act like this shit don’t rock, many of you may not know these guys by face but they had crazy singles from this album.

So I’ve put it on my ipod and rock to it as I elbow annoying times square tourist who like taking pictures of…big pictures.



I’ve been following this guy through these videos for a few years now.  He was definitely the “stand-out” star of the crew, Derrick Comedy.  Check his resume if you actually don’t know who I’m talking about, or u can shoot yourself in the head.  And check out Mystery Team too, it can be streamed  on Netflix.

Oh and my wife said he’s Danny Glover’s son, that’s cool too.

Where did all that money go that we wasted in the 90’s?  I mean this title would have definitely been a straight-to-dvd  release in 2011.  Eddie Murphy was doing his thing, everyone loves Harlem Nights, Coming to America, 48hrs, etc, but Vampire in Brooklyn is such a sleeper.  I mean look at the cast for one, besides Eddie, there’s “Mr. Bang Bang”, John Witherspoon, Angela Bassett and it was directed by legendary Wes Craven.

It sets up as a typical horror but than Eddie flies with his characters and it quickly goes funny as hell.  Every few years I have to school an Eddie Murphy fan to this joint.  And it works every time.

FYI: I fucks wit “Haunted Mansion” too.

go ahead, say something.  I dare you.

Vampire in Brooklyn Movie Trailer

“Evil is Good” Clip

“Guido” Clip

His performance is crazy, I’m really surprised no one has “sampled” him yet.   And by the way who said hip hop was dead?  Or is that an out-dated topic?  I know I know, I’m getting old.  Anyway I fucks wit him heavy.  He got a few albums out, gotta get em and add em to the car ipod. (now if I can only get a car)  But honestly can’t u hear this playing in a Jetta or Scion car commercial?

My wife and cousin always laughs at me cause I don’t own scary horror movies.  How can I when movies like this keep coming my way?  Feeling pretty exclusive finding this title considering I can’t find it cheaper than $20 on-line.

But this is the ultimate “I’m broke and its Saturday so I’m gonna stay home and watch a movie” type movie.  Plus you can’t go wrong with a middle age, overweight, man/boy hero.

Lil B the Based God

I’ll be honest and say what many others have said a million times, I can’t stand this guy’s music, in fact I hate it!!!

But this guy’s personality keeps me in stitches.  Sort of like how I like 50 Cent talking shit way way more than I like listening to him rap.  Same with Lil B.   The stuff that comes out of his mouth is nostop comedy.

I decided to post the “Cooking Dance, how-to”  I’m cooking it up right now.  Never learned the whole “Superman” dance but this one is way easier.

Again I hate the music, but the shit he talks about is pure genius comedy.

They go a little homo, in the bathroom.  I mean really?  I got my stuff out and you want to shoot a video? Fuck it, cook that shit.

I don’t know what went wrong, but I put the wrong chemicals in my body over the weekend.  Maybe it was the molasses and apples I had, or maybe the starbucks coffee I had, or maybe it was the pizza, or maybe it was the vodka that I washed it all down with, who knows, but I do know I didn’t wake up today by my alarm but by the smell that was under the sheets.

I tried hiding my face from the sun shinning in the room and was met with the smell under the sheets.  First I though one of the cats had died two days ago or something, but they were good and looking at me like I did something wrong, sorry guys.

Anyway That’s how I got up today, with the smell of my ass, nothing like Mondays.

Movie Trailer: Super

Another stupid superhero movie……..yes!!!!!!!!

Yes I enjoyed “Hellboy”, enjoyed “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, enjoyed “Monster Squard” and it looks like I’ll enjoy this one too.

Learning is fundamental!  Gotta love when you get knowledge dropped on you.

Today I’ve learned that Honey Badgers don’t give a shit.