Now I thought I was a bit familiar with the blaxplotation films of the 70’s.  But that’s life right? As soon as you think you have something figured out,your proven that you never knew anything in the first place. (That’s why I liked science and math when i was younger, there can only be one answer.)  Well I’d have to say I hadn’t seen this movie before but I’m gonna go ahead and say check it out!  Its funny I heard a few lines from this movie from a hip hop record and decided to see if I could find out where it was from and its from “Five On the Black Hand Side”.

This IS the reason why I like hip hop, its use of recycling is amazing.   Its a true talent and I respect all those who go “diggin in the crates”.   While everyone knows the movies like Shaft and Superfly, many, like myself, aren’t familiar with the many films made in that time with strong political themes.  That’s why I enjoy the roaring 20’s, the 60/70’s and the early 90’s.  It was a time where black people were really searching for themselves.  It was a time of fun but also a time of awareness for self.  Never stop fighting the Man! (whoever he/she/they are.)

Quote from movie:

	"Who I sleep with is my own personal business"
"Nah, man, no, who you sleep with
The first face you see in the mornin
Is very, significant, man, that's where you get your energy from
It's your mirror, can you dig it?"
                     -Five on the Black Hand Side