I don’t care what anyone thinks.  There is only one reason for Cheerleaders and its not, to get the crowd excited….or is it?  Don’t ask me how this came in my thoughts, one minute I’m looking at an email of my buddy’s new baby and than I’m thinking, “If I have a daughter, she ain’t cheer-leading!”  I must have to much time on my hands today but seriously why is it okay in society to have cheerleaders but strip clubs are considered bad?  Now I’m not a strip club type of guy, As much of a horny man I can be I never said, “Gotta hit the strip club up!”   I do recall however going to a few high school games in my day, and not to watch the game, but watch the Cheerleaders. I mean who doesn’t like all those times when they throw a cheerleader in the air and you get to see what appears to be their panties showing?  I know they are shorts but don’t they look like panties?  And what about those ass-shaking dance moves?   And how can you use those skills in life?  For a successful go-go dancer career?  I don’t know I just hope, if I have a daughter she chooses to actually play the game rather than dancing to it.   I mean if you wanna “shake what ya momma gave ya” than do so, just wait until your 18.  But what do I know? I’m only a straight male with eyes.