Let me start by saying this craziness surprised me and I actually had a good time watching this movie.  Crazy right?  Now like all the Blackploitation films that came out around this time your interest usually starts as a black person wanting to watch  films with black people.  But unless you like rooting for the bad-guy, most of these movies “protagonists” are pimps, drug dealers, gangsters,  or some combination(see The Mack, Superfly, or Dolemite).  Or the story is one of those “coming-of-age” types where the protagonist survives only after seeing all his friends and family die. (see The Education of Sonny Carlson)

But “Scream Blacula Scream” is different.  For one, the black community of the film is portrayed in a positive, elite type of light.  They speak very confident and cool, but not the “What u talking  bout, sucka?” cool of most urban stereotypes but like a 007 cool.  The protagonists of the film are having a going away party.  Who is the going away party for?  Its for the host’s private African antiques collection that the has donated to the museum, cool, right?

Now don’t get me carried away, it is a “horror” film so they DID use the “Voodoo” angle to tell of how Blacula was resurrected  but we do get to see the “softer side” of Blacula.  For one, while he was resurrected to commit revenge on the character played by Pam Grier,the spin is (SPOILER ALERT!!)  Blacula doesn’t want to be a creature that walks the night.  He understands the curse and wants the help of Pam Grier’s character to use her Voodoo powers to remove the curse.  Now that’s kinda cool too, right?  Plus while he does attack “good guys”  There is a pretty good scene where he “bites the bad guys”(pimps) for “enslaving their sisters” (prostitutes), Now this one scene surprised me, I didn’t think i would see this type of “plight” in a black/horror from 1972.  Oh and let’s not forget the cop who is white and has a relationship with on of the members of the the Voodoo community to figure out who has been doing the killing in town.  And their relationship is that of partners, not the “crooked cop” and “rat” relationships that we’re far to familiar with.

Anyway again it WAS a “bad movie” from the 70’s but it wasn’t nowhere as bad as I expected.  It was just as bad as other “bad movies” but not worst.  Now this is the sequel we are taking about and I hadn’t watched “Blacula” but I’m a bit interested now….well a little bit anyway.