This my favorite thing to read as I….”drop the kids off”.  I’ve never been a “reader” but it gets pretty lonely while sitting on the throne and i haven’t installed flat-screens in the “office” yet so until then, what am I gonna do?

As a child I remember the stack of Jet magazines sitting against the wall, in perfect reach, right by the TP.  When I was a teen it was the Source and Wizard magazines.  But as the magazine business began to suffer so did the quality of them (remember that whole Benzino/Source/lil Kim 5mic/Eminem thing? )

Over the last couple years I’ve slowly been picking up what my wife likes calling “Smut”, which is all the goodness of gossip magazines like US Weekly, and Star.  Now while they have had their highlights like finding out that 50 cent and Chelsea Hander are dating or finding out that Teresa Giudice of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” was filing bankruptcy or finding out which celebrities wore the same dress and who rocked it better, something is missing.  Its Twisted Toyfare!

One of my “Geek boy” rituals is going to Com-icon and making sure I leave with something (last year it was a collection of ninja swords).  So this is where I came across the best magazine since Cracked and Mad.  With a mixture of action figures, comic story-boarding and mature humor you’ll find yourself like me, sitting with two leggs that fell asleep because you just had to keep reading.  Well I had finished reading the ones I had and decided to head on to eBay and buy half the collection.  I can’t wait until they come in, I will be “dropping kids off” immediately!  Below is some samples i found, I’d advise that you go out and pick up one of these.  I’ll be reading volume two while taking a number 2.