Man do i miss the 90’s. The economy was so good (from what i hear, i was a teen aka no bills.) But wow the money really was going around, i can agree to that. The economy was so good that Gangstarr got their first gold plaque, Hype Williams was directing everyone’s music videos. Hip hop had those 10 years on lock!

Plus Shaq had not only a great song (see above) but also had a great sophmore album, “Can’t Stop the Reign”. Yes I do know that it’s Shaq we are talking about but name another artist that had worked with Biggie, Rakim, Rza, Eric Serman, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z and the great Bobby Brown. I bet you can’t. I’m not saying he was a great rapper but he was okay, and the beats and features were crazy! And while you won’t catch me listening to the first album (with was mostly produced by Eric Serman) you will catch me listing to the second album every now and than. Go 90’s! Plus have they even come out with any new sneakers since the 90’s? All the kids nowadays are wearing the shoes that i wore 15 years ago, go retro!