I was editing a tv show one day and had a great conversation with the producer. He told me that He hates going out at the bar and meeting someone because the second or third question is always “So what do you do?” Now if you work in the “business” you realize how much you hate this question.

Here is the reasons
1.) They are asking to figure out how much you make.
2.) If you are not in the “business” and arent’ familiar with all the crazy positions, It could take you up to 30 minutes in layman’s terms to get them to kinda understand what you do.

So anyway, this producer told me, that he just makes up a job that is as cool and without any extra explanation, like “Stunt Driver” or “Plummer”. Genius! I’ve been thinking of telling people that I work in construction or something like that just to prevent a frustrating conversation like you see above. Anyone else has a job that they don’t feel like taking about at the bar? I’m sure a couple of you “rappers” who introduce yourself as such gets something similar.