Does anyone know how hard it is to find a Halloween costume? I mean, a good one! I’ve always had/enjoyed an exaggerated imagination. Weather it was comic books growing up, rap music as a teen, or bad summertime blockbusters as a young adult, I always enjoyed a a good superhero. But the problem I have each year is what the f*ck am i gonna dress up as?

Now its wack to dress up as the “black Batman” or the “black Superman” So what’s left? Not much if you ask me. I have such a problem each year that it is February and I’ve started brain-storming for an event that doesnt come for another 7 months.

Now I’ve been thinking that since, comic books and rap music is pretty much the same thing, maybe I should try dressing up as one of my favorite rappers.

So….am I on a good track or should I be thinking about hanging it up and leaving the halloween costumes to the young ones? Anybody have any ideas of what i should do? Or at least a character that would be cool to dress up as without getting all night “So,who u suppose to be?”